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The policy of Esoterika Lodge No. 227 is not one of presumptive progression through the officer line. Rather, we hold that excellence in the performance of subordinate offices demonstrates fitness for higher offices, and that the most appropriate Brother should serve in each station or place. Thereby, we hope promote order and harmony in the lodge, and assure that we continue to accomplish the unique and important mission of our Lodge.

The 2016 Officers for Esoterika Lodge No. 227, A. F. & A. M. of Oregon are:
Elected Officers:
Worshipful Master -- Nathan Neff
Senior Warden -- Matt Turcotte
Junior Warden -- Craig Wilcox
Treasurer -- Steve Gatton
Secretary -- Tom Binkerd, PM

Appointed Officers:
Senior Deacon -- Peter Grover
Junior Deacon -- Christopher Ritzau
Senior Steward -- Joey Harrison
Junior Steward -- William Will
Tyler -- Dan Gray
Chaplain -- David Heifetz, PM
Historian -- Michael Robinson, PM
Marshall -- Bill Erickson

The Trustees of Esoterika Lodge are:
David Heifetz, PM
Richard Nowacki
Robert Fountain, PM