2021 Quarterly Speaker Lineup

It is with pleasure that I announce the final confirmed lineup of speakers for this year’s remaining Quarterly Public Lecture Series! Continuing the theme initiated by our first presenter, Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai, the theories of Carl Jung and other explorers of consciousness, myth, and symbolism will remain this year’s focus.

June 2021: Willy Greer

For June we have the honor of hosting local author, screenwriter, and musician Willy Greer, whose book “Shadow Play” deftly explored the representations of the “shadow self” in famous horror films. He’ll take us on a wild ride of the macabre, illustrating how motifs such as the other, evil, and death are actually essential components in myths for invoking individuation of the individual and collective psyches.

September 2021: Miguel Connor

For September we have the pleasure of hosting renowned author and host of the Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio podcast, Miguel Conner. Mr. Conner will share with us his in-depth knowledge of the pre-Nicene Christian cults so often described as “Gnostic,” and how the influence of these ancient philosophies can be found in Carl Jung, Philip K. Dick, The Matrix, and so much more. Find out why Mr. Conner frequently claims our modern age as “Gnostic Times.”

December 2021: Bro. Grant Moncrief

Finally, for December we will be graced with the presence of one of our very own Esoterika Brothers who has since relocated to New Hampshire. Completing our theme of psychology, macabre symbolism, spiritual traditions, and medicine, Bro. Dr. Grant Moncrief will present a multi-faceted lecture on dreams, spiritual traditions, and the fascinating role of neurology. This exciting lecture will tie together many of the concepts shared earlier in the year and will also provide us an opportunity to share some quality time with a cherished and missed Brother.

More information about our Quarterly Lecture Series can be found on our trestleboard page and on our Facebook page.

Thank you!