Past Masters

The honored title of Past Master is given to those Brothers who have served their Lodge as Worshipful Master. The following Worshipful Brothers have served Esoterika Lodge №227 in this capacity, and are here listed in recognition of their service.

Dr. Robert L. Fountain, Ph.D. (2007, 2008)

Dr. Fountain is a Professor of Mathematics at Portland State University. He served Esoterika as Master while under Dispensation, and was elected to serve as our first Master upon being Constituted and receiving our Charter. He also serves as the Grand Lecturer for the Grand Lodge of Oregon.

Mr. David L. Heifetz, Esq. (2009, 2010)

Mr. Heifetz is an Attorney and Business Consultant. He served Esoterika as Senior Warden while under dispensation, and was elected to serve as Master for our first full Masonic year as a fully Chartered Regular Masonic Lodge. He was elected to serve a second term as Master for 2010.

Mr. Benjamin F. Wade (2011)

Mr. Wade is a 50 year Mason, one of the founding members of Esoterika Lodge, and served as the third Master for Esoterika’s fourth year as a chartered Lodge. Mr. Wade has written extensively on Masonic topics and has held high ranks in various Masonic appendant bodies.

Mr. Thomas Binkerd (2012)

Mr. Binkerd is an operative craftsman by trade and in addition to 25 years as a master carpenter, has helped restore venerable Masonic edifices to their former glory. In addition to serving Esoterika Lodge as our fourth Master, he currently serves as the District Deputy of District 4 in the Grand Lodge of Oregon and as Secretary of Esoterika Lodge №227.

Mr. Michael D. Robinson (2013, 2014)

Mr. Robinson is an Essene bishop emeritus and certified vertebrologist. He has a degree in History, and is an Author, Genealogist and Craftsman. He is the first Master Mason raised in Esoterika Lodge to serve as Worshipful Master.

Rev. Erik L. Arneson (2015, 2016)

Rev. Arneson became a Master Mason at Ashland Lodge №23 in Ashland, Oregon, in 2000. He served as Master of that lodge in 2006, and joined Esoterika Lodge №227 in 2012. He is passionate about Esoterika Lodge’s mission for Masonic education and ritual excellence. He is a charter member of the Lewis & Clark Chapter of the Philalethes Society.

Mr. Nathan Neff (2017)

Mr. Neff became a Master Mason at Washington Lodge №46 in Portland, Oregon, in 2012 and joined Esoterika Lodge shortly thereafter. He is active in the Scottish Rite and serves as the Valley General Secretary for the Portland Valley. He is a charter member of the Lewis & Clark Chapter of the Philalethes Society and served as chapter President from 2016 to 2017.

Mr. Matthew Turcotte (2018)

Mr. Turcotte became a Master Mason at Esoterika Lodge №227 when it was still in its original home in Beaverton, Oregon.